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Welcome to the Stranger Strains Universe

The Stranger Strains is a NFT Brand made for Digital Art Collectors and Cannabis Enthusiasts that want to support the Marijuana Cause and buy weed without getting arrested. The brand and concept was created by the independent projetist Yan Gall, who aims to connect the Digital Collectibles and the Cannabis Industry in WEB3 through unique characters coming from Steve Joints labs.

Our brand connects the Cannabis theme and the Digital Arts market, creating an Universe & Intelectual Property through Branding and Storytelling. With 1/1 high quality unique art and a community of creative, free thinking marijuana enthusiasts with incentives to grow their minds in web3.
Instead randomly generated art, STRANGER STRAINS offers 1/1 high standard digital collectibles on the Solana Blockchain.

Extremely versatile universe

The Stranger Strains universe was built aiming at the new NFT world, however I believe in infinite ways to use the product in a way that conquers the public and makes an excellent bridge between the communicator and the listener.

Each Strain was designed individually and made manually, from the 2D concept produced in vectors to the modeling and texturing in 3D. Each one carries its written history and its base status. The more characters the greater the variety and uniqueness of the Strain and its Pot.


The first season was free-form in which I experimented with different styles and textures while maintaining the profile of the collection and its own identity. They will be presented one by one. I represented the first 9 species of the mysterious strains.

Weed Are The Champions, MFREN


Founder - The red-eyed visionary
The designer behind our 3d plants


Business Designer


Problem solver since the first joint
Marketing Mannager


Market guy
Web3 trader(Crypto & NFT's)


Community girl
She talks, a lot

Green Team

Months after i designed the concept of the project, i met Mecenas and Lover, who recognized the potential of my idea and helped me put together a team to launch and build my vision into a reality on WEB3.

They've been working with Start-Ups and Business Design since 2018, so i saw great potential on this partnership since they could build a backbone infra-structure to sustain and maintain my vision on the long run.


Why are people going to want to purchase Stranger Strains?

To have the ownership and IP of top notch art created by Yan Gall, belong to a community of free thinking creative minds on WEB3 & enjoy mint funds to build along with the community

What makes your project different than every other dropping now ?

1) We have a solid and experienced business/branding team with a clear vision and execution capability (hub)
2) Community Driven Products through our DAO Funds
4) We will sell our products outside the crypto market (broader audience)
5) AAA+ design quality
6) Unique collectibles, not your average randomly generated pfp collection
7) Approach and Brand Consistency

How are we going to get the community to help with marketing and brand awareness?

Creating Internal Incentives and benefits to our holders as well as sharing brand assets and elements to encourage the community creativity to create graphic pieces, fan art, memes.

What are the main values of your project ?

Freedom, Creativity, Free Thinking and Responsability.

How are you planning to fit and contribute to the culture and community of WEB3 and Solana NFTs ?

We will contribute inserting our characters o WEB2 and IRL iniciatives and bring their audience.

What are the strongest points of your project ?

The team & Business Expertise, the art and the niche.


As an designer my mission is to connect and communicate, that's why I chose to leave an open roadmap for the Stranger Strains community to build it along.The funds will be used to create and finance community initiatives wich we will decide together after the mint. We wont tell you how it is going to be, we will ask you. We want to hear our community first before imposing a pre-established idea. Its also important to have in mind that this is not an utility project
Limited Digital Collectibles by seasons